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Tune in!

Radio Obradoiro is playing on your local radio station at Galicia, right now. For a region famed for its beautiful historic architecture, our broadcast channel adds the element of wonderful music as well. Every day, hundreds of listeners keep tuning in for the best songs, fun and interactive shows, news and podcasts. This radio channel is all about its listeners, and brings together good music, great artists and nonstop entertainment.

About Us

A range of music

Our team has gotten together to curate the best in Galician, Spanish and English content for you. From the best songs to the best music, our research team designs wonderful programs, keeping its listeners in mind. Tune in and listen to your favourite music. Whether you’re on a long drive or stuck with mundane chores at home, Radio Obradoiro will be there with you. Transporting you into the land of fun and entertainment, the channel brings everything from jazz to hip hop, from soothing numbers to hard rock, and much more.

 best of Artists

The best of Artists

From Enrique Iglesias to Shakira, from Hinds to Alaska, from Coldplay to Chainsmokers, we get you the best music from great artists. Hip hop shares space with alt rock, and the artists representing the country’s best musical heritage are showcased on our channel. From fresh music to the golden oldies, we are also a great space for launching debut albums. Check out their artist pages to see what's coming up, and yes, don’t miss out the live chats and interviews that keep happening.

We're also starting a new program in the fall called "Channel Showcase" where we take the time to interview a new, up and coming artist about their background story so you can learn about their musical influences, as well as new projects that they have on the horizon. So don't forget to be on the lookout for the Channel Showcase featured artists soon!

And lastly, if you've got any suggestions about new artists that you'd like to see featured on our radio, please let us know. We're always open to helping expose our listeners to awesome new talent!

  Nonstop entertainment

Nonstop entertainment

With Radio Obradoiro, you have access to entertainment 24/7. Accessible on phone, there isn’t a lonely moment with us around. Also, if you’re having trouble tuning into our radio channel, we’re here on the Internet radio as well. Scroll through the pages for the program information, and choose what you want to hear. Finally, don’t forget to download the Radioobradoiro app on your smartphone. This will go a long way in ensuring that you’re never without music!

If you're interested in learning how we keep our radio streams consistent error-free, check out our technology vendor partners below. You can jump over to their site to learn more. Whether you're listening on a mobile app or desktop, these companies help keep our streams in tip top shape!

Also, don't be afraid to reach out and say hi. We love getting feedback on the quality of our Internet radio service and making it as good as it can be!